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Hydrophilic Gel AQUALIFT™ – implant of a new generation.

The hydrophilic gel Aqualift™ , implant of a new generation, has now been used by a lot of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, which has become a new stage in development of contour plastic surgery.

Unique properties of the hydrophilic gel Aqualift™ allow us to attribute it to the rank of universal gels. Moreover, the implant positive charge serves to block oxidation stress, which results in favorable course of post-operative period and absence of inflammatory manifestations. Compared to the rest of analogues, the hydrogel Aqualift™ has acquired enhanced safety and efficiency in its application, greatly reduces post-operative complications.

Aqualift™ is produced out of synthetic materials of high grade purity, having no components of animal origin nor any substances of genetically modified organisms. To secure complete sterility, the Aqualift™ production process is maintained in aseptic conditions and at its final production stage it undergoes sterilization by autoclaving.

The “National Medical Technologies Center” Co., Ltd. began production of the hydrophilic gel Aqualift™ in 2004.

Quality, reliability and safety of the gel Aqualift™ is confirmed by the international supervising institution.

The Quality System Certificate - ISO 13485:2005 Cert No. ODS-313/QS of the development and production of Hydrophilic Gel “AQUAlift™” has been renewed in Dec 2012 for another 3 years.

In 2009, the hydrophilic gel Aqualift™ received the CE Mark Certificate No. 43102/101/1/2009 CE.

In 2007, the gel obtained the Certificate of Conformity No. ODC-176 of 05.02.07.

In 2009, The Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued the Certificate of State Registration No. 5869/2005 of 19.06.09 to confirm re-registration for commercial production of the gel Aqualift™ for the next five years.

Among exporters of Ukraine, the company has won the title "Ukrainian Exporter of the Year 2012" - Second place with a medal and a certificate. This competition was hold under the patronage of The International Trade Council with the support of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Main criteria of estimation are total export volume, geographical coverage and nomenclature of exported goods.